C. A. McIntosh

Welcome to my website, where I host my academic and popular work, as well as the most comprehensive collection of arguments for God’s existence in the world.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in philosophy at Calvin College, Master of Arts in Philosophy at Cornell University, and Doctor of Philosophy in philosophy at Cornell University. My area of specialty is philosophy, with special interest in philosophy of religion. Find me also on Philpapers and Academia.edu.

Besides the occasional adjuncting gig, I have the pleasure of working from home in God’s Country, central Ohio, where I am mostly occupied with amateur DIY projects, even more amateur homesteading efforts, and, most amateurish of all, being a Dad.



  • Ed., One God, Three Persons, Four Views: A Philosophical and Theological Dialogue (Cascade, forthcoming). Featuring Beau Branson, William Lane Craig, William Hasker, and Dale Tuggy.
  • Ed., with Tyler McNabb. Sex, Gender, & Life: New Essays in Christian Ethics (forthcoming).
  • Rational Foundationalism. Ph.D Thesis (Cornell University, 2020).